Management Committee

The Management Committee meets monthly. It receives reports from its Officers and sub-committees, making decisions and proposals to ensure the facilities are correctly used, maintained and comply with relevant legislation. The Management Committee delegates the day-to-day operation of the facilities to the control of the General Manager and his two assistants. The General Manager has power to employ staff necessary to service the premises.


The Officers Group, Bonfire, Carnival, Health & Safety, House & Park and Publicity Committees are made up of members from the Management  Committee and other individuals. All committees operate under specific terms of reference which delegate certain functions from the Management Committee and to whom they have to report to have their decisions ratified.

Community Club

Wythall Community Club is a Section of the Association, controlled by its own committee, which is elected by and from the members of the Wythall Community Club at their Annual General Meeting. It runs the registered members club in Wythall House. It is a separate legal entity. However, all the members are  obliged to be members of Wythall Community Association.

Wythall Community Hall Trust

Wythall Community Hall Trust is a Registered Charity (No. 523212). Its Trustees have entered into a Deed of Trust setting forth the purposes and conditions under which they hold the property in trust for the Association. The Trustees are appointed by the General Committee of the Association.